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Germany: Govt spox comments on protests in China, support of Polish airspace

The recent protests in China and German possible support of Polish airspace were discussed during the press conference of the German Federal Government spokespersons on Monday.

The press officers revealed a new trend in the country’s policy of prioritizing a national vision in decisions in the area of health and safety.

The German Government Spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit admitted a certain concern over the protest in China due to the COVID Zero policy, adding that Berlin “would continue to monitor the development very closely.”

Calling on the success of the COVID policy in Europe and Germany, the spokesman highlighted the results of the visit of Prime Minister, Olaf Scholz, to China three weeks ago. “There is also a joint venture with Biontec and a Chinese company. We’re trying to move forward now”, said Hebestreit, adding that in his view “Europe and Germany had had very good experiences with vaccinations, mRNA vaccinations”.

For his part, Ministry of Defence Spokesperson Colonel Arne Collatz upheld Berlin’s offer to help Poland protect its skies following a deadly rocket strike close to the border with Ukraine.

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