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China: Rare Beijing protest sees hundreds rally against COVID policies after deadly fire

Hundreds of Chinese people flocked to the streets of Beijing to protest against the country’s strict COVID policies on Sunday night.

The footage features protesters rallying near Liangma river in Beijing, holding placards, as well as candles and symbolic white pieces of paper, to demand the easing of restrictions.

Chanting slogans such as “no more tests”, protesters faced an increased police presence at the scene. Patrol cars could be seen during the rally.

The demonstrators also paid tribute to the victims of the Urumqi fire, which killed 10 people on Thursday night. Some believe the tragedy was exacerbated by lockdown measures at the residential block, although Chinese media reports suggest it was classified as ‘low risk’ with those inside allowed to come and go.

China recently announced a daily record of new COVID-19 infections, totalling 40,347.

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