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Venezuelan government and opposition in Mexico City sign agreement to set up UN-mandated fund – Market Subset News

Representatives of the Venezuelan government and the opposition signed an accord to set up an UN-mandated fund to finance health, food, and education programmes for the poor following talks in Mexico City on Saturday.

Footage features President of the National Assembly of Venezuela Jorge Rodriguez and Venezuelan opposition delegate Gerardo Blyde Perez signing an agreement in presence of Mexico Foreign Minter Marcelo Ebrad, Norwegian diplomat Dag Nylander.

According to Nylander, the parties signed a ‘second partial agreement in the social area’.

“It is at this stage that begins today that we can achieve the political conditions to achieve democratic alternation in the country and with it the change in the political model that has ruined our nation,” Gerardo Blyde Perez, Head of the Unitary Platform delegation, said speaking to press after the meeting.

President of the National Assembly of Venezuela Jorge Rodriguez, in his turn, mentioned that the agreement was achieved ‘thanks to the resistance of the people of Venezuela’.

The US government reportedly eased some oil sanctions on Venezuela in an effort to boost the newly restarted talks between the sides and agreed to allow oil giant Chevron to pump Venezuelan oil.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump ramped up economic sanctions against Venezuela and granted opposition leader Juan Guaido authority to take control of bank accounts that s of President Nicolas Maduro’s government has in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or any other US-insured banks.

Following the signed agreement, Venezuelan resources held in the international financial system will reportedly be directed to the fund. At the same time, neither side in the talks nor Norway’s facilitator, Dag Nylander, said whether the US or European governments have agreed to allow frozen assets to be funnelled to the new mechanism.

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