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Austria: ‘Industrial and economic suicide’ – Hundreds march in Vienna against sanctions imposed on Russia

Hundreds of protesters marched in Vienna on Saturday against sanctions imposed on Russia and to demand peace and military neutrality in Austria.

The protesters were seen outside the Austrian Foreign Ministry holding banners reading ‘Stop the war – for a neutral Ukraine. Peace with Russia’ and ‘Neutrality Austria + Ukraine’.

“Europe is facing a big problem. The sanctions are industrial and economic suicide, especially here. If the government does not take measures, including social measures that balance things out, then we are sliding into a catastrophe,” explained Protest Organiser, Wilhelm Langthaler.

“Sanctions, I don’t think they make any difference. And yes, they are a breach of neutrality. They have no place in the context of neutrality. They are not coherent,” said protester Ruth Tscherne.

Although Austria is a member of the European Union, it is not a member of NATO. The country has sent millions of euros in aid to Ukraine.

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