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Netherlands: Hundreds of climate activists block roads in The Hague demanding halt to fossil fuel investment

Hundreds of climate activists took to the roads in The Hague on Saturday to demand a halt to fossil fuel investments in the Netherlands.

Footage shows some activists blocking roads, standing on them with banners, while others sit on highways.

“We are here to try to make our sound and voices to be heard against fossil subsidiaries in the Netherlands which is around 70.6 million each year, which is bad. So, that’s why we’re are here, to stop the fossil subsidiaries,” one of the activists said,

The Netherlands, as well as the rest of the EU, will stop importing coal from Russia no later than 11 August 2022 – the EU previously banned its imports as part of the fifth package of sanctions against Russia.

To move away from Russian energy, the government ‘intends to focus on energy conservation, sustainable energy and energy imports from other countries’.

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