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Germany: ‘Energy crisis, inflation, impoverishment’ – Crowds of anti-govt. protesters march through Schwabisch-Hall

Crowds of protesters marched through Schwabisch Hall on Saturday denouncing current government policies.

Protesters carried banners reading “No to the politics of lies”, “The land dies” and “Energy crisis, inflation, impoverishment”, among others.

Speaking during an interview, one of the protest’s organisers denounced the government and demanded a return to the negotiation table in the Ukraine conflict. “We demand a return to the negotiating table in the Ukraine conflict. Because wars have never ended on the battlefield, they have always ended at the negotiating table. And we have the opinion that arms deliveries do not create peace, although our minister Habeck has another opinion,” stated the activist.

The protest was met by counter-protesters; police was deployed to prevent the event from escalating. No incidents were reported at the time of writing.

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