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Qatar: Migrants workers garnish stands of Industrial fan zone for Qatar vs Senegal match

Hundreds of migrant workers gathered in a dedicated fan zone to watch Qatar’s World Cup match against Senegal in Doha on Friday.

Migrants workers could be seen cheering as they filled the stands of Asian Town Cricket Stadium turned into a fan zone for the host country’s match against the African Champions.

“I have come to work at the metro for the World Cup. I think it’s just amazing in the Fan Zone, we have places to eat, to play some games everywhere. The field over there is amazing and filled with people. I’m just loving it, and you can see everyone over here is having fun, so it’s an amazing feeling, ” an attending migrant worker explained.

Qatar ended up losing the game (3-1) and face an early exit from the tournament before the last group-stage game.

This year’s World Cup is the first tournament held in the Middle East and the Arab World. Thousands of migrant workers, with a vast majority from South East Asia, came to the country to help build the necessary infrastructures.

Qatar has faced boycott calls and criticism from NGOs after reports of continued mistreatment of migrant workers and its stance on LGBT+ rights, where homosexuality remains illegal.

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