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Elon Musk holds amnesty poll on Twitter to Unban Everyone Please VOTE


Elon Musk, the brand-new owner of Twitter, has launched a vote to grant banned users “universal amnesty.”

If a suspended account hasn’t breached the law or participated in flagrant spamming, should Twitter grant it a general amnesty?

Elon Musk poses the query to Twitter followers, who are given the option to respond by voting.

After conducting a vote on the issue over the weekend, Musk allowed former US President Donald Trump to regain access to his Twitter account. The decision to allow Trump to reenter the debate was then approved by a slim majority.

The mindset of the users is considerably more obvious when it comes to the general amnesty. At the time this article was written, 73 percent of the millions of voters approved of the amnesty.

Please go and vote in this poll. This is a very important poll about restoring freedoms and people you may miss on Twitter:

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