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Germany: Scholz talks Ukraine while unveiling Chancellory Christmas tree in Berlin

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz attended the unveiling of a Christmas tree that was placed in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin on Thursday.

A Children’s choir sang Christmas songs for the chancellor and his guests next to the Christmas tree. Addressing the attendees, Scholz commented on the Ukraine conflict saying “It’s simply a nice tradition to come together around a Christmas tree, especially when it’s such beautifully grown specimens as this one. This is also especially true at a time like this, many of us are thinking of the citizens of Ukraine, who are just a little over a thousand kilometres away from us, defending their lives, their country and their freedom with impressive courage. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have found refuge from the war here with us; they are and will remain a warm welcome for us.”

He went on to state that Germany has to bear the economic consequences saying “What politicians can do about it is being done, for example by capping prices for electricity, gas and heat in a targeted manner while relieving those who work hard and still have to reckon with every euro.”

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