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Flowering Jacaranda trees give Buenos Aires vivid violet glow – Market Subset News

The Jacaranda trees of Buenos Aires were in full bloom on Wednesday, giving swathes of the city a distinctive, deep purple hue.

“They are flowers that look like a 3.4 cm long bell, that grow in their thousands and last practically the entire month of November,” explained expert agronomist Jorge Fiorentino. “It is a very beautiful tree that adapts very well to the urban characteristics of a city.”

“You see and hear tourists who come and speak different languages ​​and are shocked by this tree, because they think that its leaves are purple … thinking that it is a purple leaf tree, which is not true,” he continued.

Footage shows stunning aerial views of the trees, which can reach 15 metres in height, and follow the highways in the city.

“They are beautiful, the flowers. I love the colour, and I like how the roofs or the streets are covered with flowers when they fall,” said one local, Elsa Cardium.

Around 15,000 trees in total have been planted across the city, with November the best time to see them.

“All the large avenues, they are dyed purple for only one month a year, so it is one of the most characteristic plants of the city of Buenos Aires,” added another resident, John Manuel Martin.

The South American trees were introduced to Buenos Aires in the 19th century and have become one of the city’s best-known sights.

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