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Indian philatelist displays rare World Cup collection with over 1,000 stamps

Antique collector and philatelist Abdul Saleem Padavanna from Manjeri in Kerala’s Malappuram district showcased his rare Football World Cup collection with over 1000 stamps of 80 countries, as seen in the footage filmed on Monday.

“From the world cup collections, I have the stamp collection of hosting nations, victorious nations stamps, and in memory of the playing nations, like that I have 80 countries collections of over 1000 stamps,” said Saleem Padavanna.

Padavanna has arranged his stamps with different sizes, shapes and appeal, and neatly placed them on special yellow sheets.

“Each contribution of the players is a beautiful moment and a memory. So I want to store these precious moments for the next generation. Stamps are the appropriate things to cherish these memories. For the next generation to read and understand and see the old player’s contribution to the game, stamps are the best thing,” he added.

Qatar is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup which is scheduled to run until December 18.

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