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‘We are dealing with irresponsible people’ – Pres Vucic on negotiations with Kosovo – Market Subset News

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic addressed the public in Belgrade on Monday, after his return from Brussels where he had negotiations with Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti on the car licence plates deal.

Vucic and Kurti had a meeting together with EU representatives Josep Borrell and Miroslav Lajcak but the meeting reportedly ended up with no agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

“There is no reason to panic but we should be concerned because we are dealing with irresponsible people who play with the lives of other people’s children with such ease. Today I saw how many times Josep Borrell warned Kurti: “we have intelligence (about Kosovo), there will be big problems”. We also received the latest intelligence a little while ago, the situation is very difficult, on the verge of conflict,” Vucic accused Kosovo authorities of trying to provoke unrest.

“We must try to show that we did not want conflicts for a single second, not to use other people’s insolence and arrogance to accept conflicts, but to avoid conflicts to the utmost,” he added.

Vucic went on to say that Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija ‘don’t have to worry’ as Belgrade will do its best to ‘ensure that they are safe and secure’.

“If someone thinks that they can carry out the expulsion of our people, killing of our people, wounding of our people and everything else – I repeat what I have said many times, truly and decisively, and what I really mean and, unlike others, I know what it means – that we will be with our Serbian people and that we will not leave them on their own,” Vucic concluded.

November 22nd marks the first day of Kosovo’s decision to start fining drivers who haven’t pre-registered their licence plates from SRB (Serbian) to RKS (Kosovo). Drivers who reside in Kosovo and drive cars with licence plates issued in Serbia will be fined 150 EUR (154 USD).

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