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Germany: ‘We are in a thorough exchange’ – MoD spox on delivering Patriot air defence systems to Poland

Spokesperson of the German Ministry of Defence, David Helmbold told journalists that Berlin is currently in discussions with Warsaw regarding the transfer of Patriot air defence systems to Poland, at a press conference, in Berlin, on Monday.

“Well, first of all, we are pleased that the Polish side has also welcomed the fact that we are offering the Patriot systems for Poland, so we are in a thorough exchange with Poles, I can’t tell you anything about the figures for the exchange at the moment, we have to do that with the Polish side,” Helmbold said.

Germany’s offering of Patriot missile defence systems to its NATO ally comes after a stray missile landed in Polish territory last week near the Ukrainian border.

The missile which killed two people was feared to have been a Russian strike. NATO now believes it was fired accidentally by Ukraine’s air defences.

Berlin also offered Poland air policing with German fighter jets after the incident.

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