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France: Anti-world cup rally in Paris met with counter-demonstration

Human rights activists gathered in Paris on Sunday to denounce human rights abuses in Qatar as the World cup kicked off on the same day. A counter-protest was organised at the same place.

The anti-world cup protesters organised an artistic match before rising red cards and staging a die-in protest.

“France has a particular responsibility in the attribution of Qatar with former presidents of the republic, former international players who supported Qatar to be chosen. We have a responsibility because the companies that built these stadiums are French,” a protester said.

Organisers of World Cup 2022 were widely criticized by European media because of the alleged mistreatment of migrant workers who built the stadium’s as well as Qatar’s stance on LGBT+ rights, where homosexuality remains illegal. Qatar, in turn, acknowledged the existence of mistreatment of workers and announced that the problem had been resolved.

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