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Syria: Turkish missile strikes on northeast Syria cause major destruction

Residents commented on the remains of Turkish missile strike targets in Al-Malikiyah on Sunday.

Footage shows a power plant and an oil storage facility in the countryside of Al-Malikiyah in northeastern Syria that were severely damaged by missile strikes, according to residents.

“At around midnight, we woke up to the roar of huge explosions because we have cattle there which were under another airstrike that caused substantial damage,” said resident Ahmed Abdi. “The area was reportedly hit by 9-10 missiles which completely destroyed the place,” he added.

According to local media, Turkish combat aircraft launched airstrikes on positions held by Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria between Saturday and Sunday night, inflicting high human casualties. Reportedly, in the Turkish operation, eleven people were killed, and six were injured.

The Turkish defence ministry confirmed that Ankara had struck areas in northern Iraq and Syria that had been ‘used by terrorists as a base for attacks’ on Turkey.

The airstrikes followed a bombing attack that hit a crowded avenue in the centre of Istanbul on November 13, leaving six dead and over 80 injured. Turkish officials have blamed the attack on the PKK and its YPG Syrian branch. However, the militant Kurdish organisations have denied any involvement.

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