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USA: Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to more than 11 years

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison at a court in San Jose, California on Friday, over her role in a fraudulent blood-testing company.

Footage shows Holmes and her family, including her partner, Billy Evans arriving at the Robert F Peckham US Courthouse before passing through security.

The conviction brings the four-month-long trial to a close.

Holmes founded the blood testing firm Theranos after dropping out of Stanford University at 19 years old. The company attracted much publicity and gig investment after claiming it had created technology that could run hundreds of health tests with a single drop of blood.

At its height, Theranos was valued at nine billion dollars, the company saw a sharp decline in 2015 after a report in the Wall Street Journal revealed inaccuracies in its technology. The firm was dissolved in 2018.

Elizabeth Holmes and co-executive Sunny Balwani were charged with 12 counts of fraud.

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