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Ice to meet you! – Little robot leaves exhibition and explores Nuremberg’s Christmas market – Market Subset News

A little robot left his home at the Nuremberg Zoo to visit the city’s Christmas market on Friday, for a day of learning and exploration.

Nao the robot belongs to Alexandra Lang, who runs ‘The Bionicum’, an interactive exhibition that teaches children about bionics. Nao and his sister Emma are the stars of the show, drawing crowds from across Germany.

“The ‘bionicum’ is an exhibition in the Nuremberg Zoo, we show everything to do with bionics. So that’s the idea of copying things from nature to translate them into a better, namely into green technology,” Lang explained.

While on his little Christmas adventure, Nao met Santa Claus, learned how to make traditional pastries in a bakery, and even took a ride on a carousel.

According to Lang, this isn’t Nao’s first foray into the outside world, the little robot has been on many field trips with his robot mother.

“Nao and Emma, both actually, often go out of the Bionicum and experience adventures and that can be in the zoo, it can be at the university. But that can also be at the Christmas market, like here today.” Lang said.

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