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Montenegro: Thousands protest restrictions on president’s power law, demand snap elections in Podgorica

Thousands of protesters took to the Podgorica streets to protest the new law restricting the president’s power and to demand new parliamentary elections in Podgorica on Thursday.

The demonstration was organized by the Ima Nas movement (We Are Numerous), knowns for its support to incumbent President Milo Djukanovic.

Protesters were seen chanting anti-parliament slogans and carrying banners reading “We want an election” and “We are not here to be silent.”

“We are here to defend the constitution, our church, our language and everything that is ours and that has been taken from us during the last 2 years,” said Ana a protester.

“I am here because of my motherland, because of my people, because of multiethnic harmony, Another protester added.

“Montenegro is within our hearts and this is a battle for the preservation of Montenegrin identity,” said Nezo, a protester.

Under the new law, adopted on November 1 by a narrow majority, the president is obliged to propose a prime minister-designate if the candidate has a majority in the parliament.

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