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Egypt: ‘All major emitters of today bear responsibility for future climate crises’ – Baerbock on COP sidelines

As the climate damage fund remained a point of contention among major global emitters at the COP27, German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock demanded more contributions from major emitters into the funds necessary to address future climate crises.

“We in Europe and North America, as industrialised countries, bear responsibility for the climate damage of the recent past with our fossil fuel wealth, and also for most of that of the present,” said Baerbock speaking at the climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh on Thursday.

In remarks purportedly directed towards China, the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter for the past years, the German foreign minister added, “all the major emitters of today bear responsibility for the climate crises of the future.”

The COP27 summit gathers over 200 world leaders to discuss the impact of global warming and solutions to the climate crisis.

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