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USA: Obama campaigns for Senate candidate John Fetterman in Pennsylvania

Former US president Barack Obama campaigned for US Senate nominee John Fetterman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

“You deserve better than somebody who is just trying to get a quick buck, somebody who will say anything to get attention. You deserve somebody who knows you, you deserve somebody who stood side by side with you and somebody who works every day and fight for you, somebody who is actually from Pennsylvania, you deserve somebody like John Fetterman,” said Obama while campaigning for Fetterman.

After the attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the former president criticized hate speech by political candidates.

“This habit we have of demonising political opponents of saying crazy stuff, It creates a dangerous climate,” he said.

Later, Biden and Obama will go to an event in Philadelphia to rally Democratic voters.

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