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Thousands of Yerevan residents take to streets for NKR territorial integrity – Market Subset News

Armenian opposition supporters took to the streets to defend the territorial integrity of Nagorno-Karabakh [Republic of Artsakh] in Yerevan, Saturday.

Demonstrators waved flags of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh at the Square of France, chanting ‘Unity, struggle, victory’, as well as burning papers symbolising the peace treaty with Azerbaijan.

Protesters also marched through the Armenian capital toward the government building and back to the Square of France.

There was no official information about any detentions on the day of the rally.

The disputed territory, which is around 95 percent ethnic Armenian, is at the centre of tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia, but is governed by the breakaway, unrecognised ‘Republic of Artsakh’.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday, 30 October, that the normalisation of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan required the demilitarisation of the border between the countries, the unblocking of transport routes and the resolution of humanitarian problems. 

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan flared up again on the border on September 13, with both sides accusing each other of shelling their positions.

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