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NYC Tourist Raped During Morning Jog Choked Until Bones Broke – Market Subset News

The man accused of raping a woman in New York City’s West Village was ordered held without bail and was said to have exhibited a “clear predatory pattern.”

Suspect Carl Phanor remained silent during his arraignment as prosecutors detailed his alleged attacks over the past several months, the New York Post reported Friday.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Lauren Breen stated, “The defendant demonstrated a clear predatory pattern. He chose unpopulated areas, he targeted women who were either walking or jogging home, he attacked each of them from behind, choked them, and sexually assaulted each of the three victims.”

Video footage showed officials escorting the suspect to a vehicle as reporters hurled questions at him, one asking, “Hey Carl… why’d you do it?” However, the suspect did not offer a response:

The latest incident happened Thursday as a 43-year-old tourist was jogging on Pier 45 when Phanor allegedly grabbed her, threw her down, then choked her unconscious.

The suspect allegedly removed her clothes, raped her, then snatched her phone, debit card, hotel key card, and identification before fleeing on a Citi Bike.

“The victim from yesterday currently remains in the ICU receiving treatment for several bone fractures, and she was choked to the point of losing consciousness,” Breen informed the judge on Friday.

Phanor reportedly tried to buy a Greyhound bus ticket with the victim’s credit card but Port Authority officers, who knew to be on the lookout for the suspect, spotted him and took him into custody.

The suspect’s first attack in the city reportedly happened on March 27 and the second on October 6. In addition, he reportedly has at least 25 prior arrests.

Meanwhile, Breen asked Judge Jonathan Svetkey to remand the suspect on charges that included first-degree rape, predatory sexual assault, and strangulation.

Per the Post article, Svetkey remanded Phanor and he was scheduled to appear in court again on Wednesday.

Recent New York City Police Department crime statistics show that year to date, rape is up 10.9 percent, according to Breitbart News. Meanwhile, soaring crime across President Joe Biden’s (D) America is one of the top issues for voters in the fast-approaching midterm elections.

The majority of American voters lay blame at the feet of “woke politicians” for the crime wave sweeping the nation, according to a poll from October.

“The latest Harvard/Harris Poll shows that 64 percent of voters say woke politicians are responsible for an increase in crime across American communities, while only 36 percent blame ‘other factors,’” Breitbart News reported.

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