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Young artist from Nairobi sees shells transformed into egg-celent paintings and sculptures

Artist from Nairobi Mika Obanda found alternative solution for waste disposal. He is creating paintings and sculptures using egg shells and waste collected from dump sites of the Kenyan capital.

Footage filmed on Friday shows Mika painting and preparing material for the future artworks.

“I choose eggshell after learning the technique of mosaic, I discover that there are a lot of eggshells in the slum, like people eat eggs and throw their shells as waste in the dumpsite. When I was working around there, I found that it can form a very distinctive texture,” he said.

Young artist explained that after cleaning eggshells he dries his alternative material in the sun and paints it in different colours depending on a particular piece.

Mika shared that at first people around did not accept his artworks well but changed their opinion after unusual hobby started to bring money.

“One of a sudden when I started making moves and making money out of it, making good money out of it they started seeing the interest. One day even asking me: ‘Should I keep this eggshell for you?” artist said.

Mika Obanda shows his artworks in social media. He also maintains a Twitter page say his art works be recognised at an art exhibition in Diani Beach last spring.

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