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‘Don’t believe the polls!’ – Gov Kemp addresses supporters in Monroe ahead of midterm elections – Market Subset News

Incumbent Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp participated in a rally in Monroe on Friday to address hundreds of his supporters ahead of midterm elections.

Footage features Kemp’s supporters gathering while the governor can be seen greeting them, taking pictures, and delivering a speech. “Women for Kemp” stickers and “KEMP” banners could be seen at the event.

“We got to fight like we never fought before. Don’t believe the polls, you are the poll, you’re going to be the poll either the rest of the day today when you go vote or when you go vote on Tuesday. And if you hadn’t voted, when you get done here, you all can go vote,” Kemp said.

He also critisised another candidate, Stacy Abrams, for not actively ‘fighting’ for people’s rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Stacy Abrams, she wasn’t fighting for you then, she wasn’t fighting to get you back to work, she wasn’t fighting to get your child back into the classroom giving you the opportunity to go back to work. She was sitting with the ‘National Teacher’s Union,” he said.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also participated in the rally.

“Now I know you people in Georgia state know a little bit about close elections. But I want to remind you of something. We cannot take one vote in this election for granted, not one,” the politician noted.

The 2022 Georgia midterm elections will take place on Tuesday, November 8, and voters are going to choose a new state legislature and the state’s top executives.

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