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‘We will continue supporting the demonstrators’ – Borrell on Iran protests during G7 meeting – Market Subset News

European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell highlighted the Eu’s policy towards Iran and Western Balkans on Friday in Munster, speaking at Group of Seven (G7) foreign ministers meeting.

During his speech, Borrell stressed on EU’s support to demonstrators in Iran, condemning Tehran’s policy to crackdown movement.

“We will continue supporting the demonstrators and we will continue supporting Ukraine to face the heavy attacks and we insist on them to stop providing drones to Russia,” he added.

After Thursday’s Western Balkan summit, Borrell mentioned Brussel’s approach toward the region

“Resilience and reconciliation,” stated Borrell. “Resilience, increasing the capacity, economic and political capacity, to face the challenges, we are supporting them, we are the biggest investor in the region,” he said. “Reconciliation to overcome the legacy of the past and on that there is also a possibility on the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia,” he added.

The G7 Foreign Ministers Summit will conclude in Germany on Friday. The ministers discussed the surrounding economic and democratic resilience in the Indo-Pacific region.

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