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Here’s How to Choose Your Wedding Style and Colours – Wedding of your Dreams

Some of the first questions you will be asked as a newly engaged couple are: “Have you set a date?” and “What colours have you chosen?”. If you’ve even peeked at Pinterest, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the volume of colour palettes and styles to choose from. Today we’re going to walk you through a list of questions you can ask as you determine your wedding style. This way, you will be able to create a wedding aesthetic that you love! So, put Pinterest away for a little while and follow our steps on how to choose your wedding style and colours.

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What do you love?

If you truly want your wedding to feel ‘very you’, then start with things you love. Let’s put weddings aside for a moment and think about real life. Is there a colour that pops up a lot in your wardrobe? How about a theme you and your other half both love? Do you have a TV show, book or activity you’ve both bonded over? Is there a place you’ve traveled to that you really love?

Resist the urge to choose something simply because it looks great online. Instead, opt for something that has meaning to you. Choose a theme or colour palette based on your interests, what you’ve bonded over and what will make people say “That is SO Glen and Kelly” (or whatever your names are).


What do you want your wedding to feel like?

Think about what you’d like your wedding to feel like. Romantic? Sophisticated? Relaxed? Elegant? Do you want your dinner to feel like a big family banquet? Or are you after more of a formal sitdown dinner vibe?

Once you know what you’d like your celebration to feel like you can base your theme on that! Here are some examples… If you’d like to have a relaxed, beachy feel, then avoid large, formal venues. If you’re after a romantic atmosphere, then choose lots of candles and romantic lighting.


Name your style

This may seem a little strange, but putting words to your style is really helpful. You’ll be able to communicate clearly with your suppliers and it’ll keep you focused! You could be very specific, like “romantic Disney wedding with a Halloween twist” or a little more vague, like “beachy” or “boho”. Now is a great time to put words to the theme if you’re having one. Something like “woodlands” or “nautical”. Note: “unique” isn’t helpful. The more specific you are, the more helpful you will be when communicating your vision with your suppliers.


Think about your venue

You really want your wedding style to be reflected in your wedding venue. If you’ve already booked your venue, consider selecting a style that fits well. Some venues are considered a blank canvas and offer a neutral backdrop that would suit pretty much any theme or wedding style. Other venues, like a glamorous ballroom or a cosy country house, may offer inspiration for your theme!


Narrow down your colours

You’ve got your theme, you know what your wedding style is, now it’s time to pick your colours.

Here are a few factors to consider which may help steer you in the right direction:

The season: Don’t be limited by this, but you could use the season to inspire your colour palette. Autumn = pink and gold, for example.

Flowers: When picking your colours, think about which flowers you’d like. Lots of baby’s breath? Why not be deliberate about lots of touches of white? Consider what your flower budget is and how many flowers you’d like.

Your attire: Brides don’t have to wear white and grooms don’t have to wear a black, blue or grey suit. Whatever you and your other half decide to wear, allow this to impact your colour choices. You don’t want to clash with each other, the venue or your colour palette.

Wedding party attire: What your wedding party wears certainly shouldn’t dictate your theme, but it is a wonderful way to complement it. Short, casual dresses and barefeet for your “beachy” wedding or stripy bowties for your “nautical” theme.


Create a colour palette

You may be leaning towards one colour at the moment. For anybody wanting to have multiple colours, here are some tips for how to choose your second (or third, fourth, fifth) colour:

Option 1: Stick with what you’ve chosen and then add a neutral colour (beige, cream or mocha, for example), something pastel or something glitzy and metallic.

Option 2: Choose something complementary. These would be colours that are on opposites of the colour wheel.

Option 3: Go for analogous. These are colours that are next to one another on the colour wheel.

Option 4: Choose different shades of the same colour, for something monochromatic.

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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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