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Feminist protest after reported sexual assault on minor inside public transport station in Bogota sparks anger – Market Subset News

Thousands of feminist protesters took to the streets of Bogota on Thursday to protest against the reported sexual abuse of a minor in a public transport station.

Footage shows protesters marching, chanting slogans and holding signs. Some of them were also seen damaging the bus station where the sexual assault happened.

According to local media, the 17-year-old who was sexually assaulted at the TransMilenio station in Bogota tried to get help from the authorities and the transport system company, but they didn’t respond, so she turned to social media to reveal what happened to her.

“We are here for Hilary who was abused at a Transmilenio station on October 31 in the middle of the night where there were neither guards nor police,” said one demonstrator.

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