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Cuba: Dozens of students in Havana watch UNGA voting against US-led embargo on country – Market Subset News

Dozens of students gathered on Thursday at the University of Havana to watch the voting of the UN General Assembly to ‘urge immediate repeal of the embargo on Cuba amid mounting global food, fuel crises.’

Footage features event participants at Plaza Cadenas watching a livestream on a large projection screen of Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez’s speech at the UN General Assembly and the results of the vote.

“A lot of young Cubans would make their lives in the country they were born in, a lot of families would not be divided, and a lot of old people would not be around the world looking for fortune with their kids. That is not because Cuba is a failed state as they say,” later said General Deputy Director of US affairs at Cuban Foreign Ministry Johanna Tablada.

Jose Ramon Cabanas, Director of Centre for International Policy Studies and Miguel Fraga, a Cuban Foreign Ministry official, also participated in the event.

“That is why sometimes it is hard to understand that the embargo is real,” Fraga mentioned, adding “We have been Olympic champions, and we have created Anti-Covid vaccines, and we have achieved great results in culture and others, despite the embargo.”

By a recorded vote of 185 in favour to 2 against (Israel, United States), with 2 abstentions (Brazil, Ukraine), the UNGA adopted the resolution titled ‘Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.’

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