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Air pollution levels rise to ‘severe’ as thick smog covers New Delhi – Market Subset News

Citizens of New Delhi were seen covering their faces as thick smog filled India’s capital on Friday.

With Delhi’s Air Quality Index (AQI) touching 418, on Thursday, a level that is characterized as ‘severe,’ schools were shut and citizens were asked stay inside.

“Ever since COVID started children are facing a lot of problems. They couldn’t go to the schools for two to three years due to COVID. Now due to this pollution, they are not allowed to go to school. if the children have to study, how they will study? If this situation doesn’t change then the future of India is in darkness and the pollution levels were increasing day by day,” said Dhansham Sai, an inspector.

Other citizens stated that they find even breathing difficult.

“I see a lot of pollution in this city and I am finding it difficult to breathe, even the children are having trouble breathing, and it’s a serious problem,” said Sachin Desai, a tourist

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