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‘They are terrorists’ – Hundreds protest against Iranian government outside G-7 meeting in Munster – Market Subset News

Hundreds of activists carrying flags and banners rallied against the Iranian government and the death of Mahsa Amini outside the G-7 foreign ministers meeting in Munster on Thursday.

Demonstrators were seen holding signs with messages such as ‘Iranian embassies in Europe are Terror centres and must be closed’ and ‘IRAN, Rising For Freedom’. The National Resistance Council of Iran (NWRI) organised the rally.

“We want to say, please do not do business with this regime and close the embassies of these terrorists, and the diplomats should leave here, and their passports should be invalidated,” a protester said.

“We want to pass on the voice of Iranian people in Europe. And want to say the first and last words. This is an overthrow, overthrow fanatic regimes. We want the G-7 to say, please don’t support these regimes. After all, they are terrorists,” said a second protester.

The foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G-7) are to discuss anti-government protests in the country and Iranian-Russian military cooperation at a two-day meeting in Munster.

Amini fell into a coma and died on September 16, following her arrest by Tehran’s ‘morality police’ for allegedly breaking strict hijab rules.

The authorities claimed she’d had a heart attack, while protesters claimed Amini was beaten and her family has denied she had any health problems.

Her death has sparked widespread protests across Iran with dozens reportedly killed and hundreds arrested amid harsh crackdowns.

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