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‘On the right side of history’ – National Assembly votes to supply arms to Ukraine – Market Subset News

Bulgaria’s National Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favour of supplying arms to Ukraine in Sofia on Thursday.

According to local media, lawmakers approved the military aid with 175 votes in favour and 49 against, and one abstention.

The vote was preceded by a lengthy debate in which MPs from various parties expressed their opinions on the proposal.

“Dear colleagues, in this case, it is not only about our geopolitical and geostrategic orientation. It is about evaluating the humanity of each of us whether we want an unprovoked atrocity to continue or Bulgaria to be on the right side of history,” argued GERB politician Georg Georgiev.

“Criticize Putin if you want, but why the Russians? These rifles we are going to send will kill innocent Russian soldiers,” said Ivaylo Chorbov from the ‘Vazrajdane’ party.

Before the decision taken by the National Assembly, Bulgaria could only supply Ukraine with military and technical assistance. Now Sofia must consult with its NATO partners on arms deliveries.

It is still unclear what military aid will be sent by Bulgaria and when.

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