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How To Get The Most From Your Wedding Suppliers – Wedding of your Dreams

Your wedding planning is going well so far, you’re delighted with your choices and after lots of research have a fab bunch of wedding suppliers on your team – go you! We bet you’re excited and looking forward to seeing how your day will come together. To ensure you get the most from those suppliers you’ve spent hours researching, today we have four fab tips to make sure the day goes off without a hitch… 

Building a good relationship with your key wedding suppliers is the key to getting the most from the. Whether that is the venue you chose simply because the co-ordinator was incredible, or the florist you had to have, clicking with them will ultimately lead to the best experience for both parties. 

Be exact

Good communication is key. Keep the channels of communication open and friendly, and don’t be afraid to ask their advice. If you’ve questions, ask them, if you’ve changed any details from your original meeting, be sure to keep them up to date. Being exact, concise and clear will lead to wedding happiness, but don’t forget most suppliers are very busy during peak season so try not to be panicked for a reply. 

Be professional but nice

If you’ve chosen a supplier because of their style and personality, it’s important to nurture that relationship, but always be professional. Trust them with their advice, after all, they’ve been to a lot more weddings than you! Treat your suppliers with respect, don’t demand replies outside of working hours – remember they have lives too – and enjoy the fact they are helping you create the best day of your life. 

Be super organised

Most suppliers are juggling several weddings a season so they will (hopefully!) be super organised, and if you are too it’s a match made in heaven! Of course emails can be missed but try to ensure you answer any queries they might have, stick to payment terms and reply in a timely fashion. Be the dream wedding couple! 

Don’t forget to thank them 

Of course you are paying them for their service but it takes literally nothing to thank them for their input into your day. Believe me, a quick message saying thank you does go a long way to making them feel appreciated. 

(Image: Photos by Vinny)
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