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Bus passengers stranded in Rio terminals due to roadblocks caused by protesters – Market Subset News

The Rio de Janeiro bus terminal witnessed a major cancellation of buses, leaving passengers stranded inside the bus station, as seen on footage shot on Tuesday.

The passengers faced reoccurring bus cancellations as Bolsonaro supporters blocked roads in almost every state in Brazil, sometimes by setting tyres on fire and placing them in the way of traffic to protest what they deemed a ‘fraud’, following their candidate’s loss in the Brazilian presidential election.

“I came here to spend my birthday, so when I came, I was not aware of what was happening; we could not get the ticket, and we thought the same day we could manage, and all got postponed. My opinion is that those protests make people pay the price. All we want is to go back to our home,” shared Sao Paulo resident Iraneide Costa.

The demonstration followed the narrow victory of left-wing opposition candidate and former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. In the tight election runoff, he received 50.9 per cent of the vote, with right-wing candidate Bolsonaro receiving 49.1 per cent.

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