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Delivery bird! – Pet parrot goes viral after delivering food with owner in Nanning – Market Subset News

A parrot named Bigu became a sensation in China after videos of the animal accompanying its owner, a food delivery man, went viral on social media. The pet bird stands loyally at the man’s shoulder as he rides his motorbike around the city of Nanning, in southern China.

Bigu’s owner, Haibo Nong, said his friends gifted him the bird when it was just one month old, and he took care of it ever since.

“I felt bored so I took it out to play. I found it on my shoulder and it would not fly away, so I liked to go out with it”, Nong said.

Now, Bigu has become Nong’s regular co-worker and joins him as he delivers food around the city.

“On the way to work, it would whistle to me, so I would not feel lonely. With a partner around, it felt a little easier to work”, Nong said.

The parrot even has its own ‘work clothes’, little costumes that Nong sews together. The little outfit also serves as a diaper.

“I wear work clothes when I go to work. It works for me, and he also needs to wear work clothes. We both go to work together”, said Nong.

Bigu belongs to one of the most common races of birds in China, the Nymphicus hollandicus, commonly known as ‘cockatiel’ or ‘cockatoo’.

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