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Annoying Things Guests Should Never Do At A Wedding – Wedding of your Dreams

There are things that each couple will find uniquely irritating. And then there are things that all guests should never do at a wedding. These are considered a faux pas and something to be avoided. If you’re attending a wedding in the near future, take note of these things and be sure to follow the instructions. You want your besties to have the best wedding day possible, so avoiding these things is crucial.

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Skimming the resources

The happy couple will spend a lot of time putting together all the wedding day details and making sure you’ve got all the information you need. Every question a guest could possibly ask is usually covered by the FAQ section of a couple’s wedding website. Not sure what time the reception dinner begins? Uncertain about the wedding gift list? Wondering if childcare will be provided? Almost all of these details will be included in the wedding invitation or on the wedding website. And when in doubt, ask a member of the wedding party, the wedding planner or a close family member. The last thing the couple needs is to field hundreds of questions from guests who haven’t thought to look through the details already provided.


RSVPing incorrectly

Believe it or not, many guests think that sending a text or an email counts as an RSVP. The truth is, the best (and most correct) way to RSVP is by using the methods listed on the invitation or website. This may be an email, a reply card or a segment on the website to fill out a short form. While we’re at it, RSVP on time, because the couple shouldn’t have to chase down responses.


Bringing a guest who wasn’t invited

There are lots of opinions about plus ones and the etiquette surrounding who gets one, but there’s one golden rule we can all agree on: if you aren’t explicitly asked to bring a guest, don’t bring one. Doing so will create all kinds of wedding day chaos. Scrambling to find an extra seat, an extra meal and so on, will just add pressure to the couple and the wedding planning team.


Getting in the photographer’s way

Many couples spend lots of time and money finding the perfect photographer. The photographer’s role is to capture the Big Day in all its glory, so getting in the way is not an option. Sure, if you’re not at an unplugged wedding, then by all means take photos and videos on your phone. Just make sure you’re not in the way. Let the photographer get the money shots!

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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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