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‘A few votes to this side can bring us victory’ – Netanyahu addresses supporters a day before elections – Market Subset News

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed his supporters during his election campaign in Or Yehuda city on Sunday, one day before the Israeli legislative election.

Footage shows Netanyahu and his wife arriving at the campaign before he addressed his supporters, urging them to vote in the hard elections, as polls expect turnout to sway the election outcome.

“We are drawing , 60-60 (seats in parliament) a few votes to this side can bring us victory, a few votes to the other side can make us lose,” Netanyahu said.

“Do you want the cost of living and the housing cost to rise? Do you want the security situation to get worse? If you want to raise the Israeli flag proudly, vote for the Likud,” he added.

Israel is going to have its fifth election in only four years, as citizens will head to cast their ballots on November 1 to choose their candidates.

The polls have reportedly anticipated 59 or 60 seats for the pro-Netanyahu bloc and nearly 56 or 57 seats for the anti-Netanyahu camp, including 23 or 24 seats for the current Prime Minister Yair Lapid party, Yesh Atid.

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