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Protesters in Goma burn Rwandan flag amid rally against military tensions escalation – Market Subset News

Protesters burned Rwandan flag in Goma on Sunday to show their discontent about tensions escalation while Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) accused Rwanda of supporting M23 rebels.

Footage shows dozens of demonstrators gathered near the border crossing with Rwanda, carrying signs reading ‘Congolese people say no to Rwandan aggression in DRC’, ‘Respect the integrity of DRC’ and ‘We condemn the silence of the international community regarding the crimes of Rwanda and Uganda in DRC’, among others.

“The situation on the battlefields have shown that it is Rwanda, which is the first on the front line to attack the country. We captured its military, its military equipment as evidence that we presented to the world,” claimed one of protesters.

Earlier on the same day Congo demanded Rwandan ambassador to leave country in 48 hours after fighting has erupted between the Congolese army and the rebels, who have advanced into the DRC’s east, seizing strategic towns and raising tensions between the two countries.

In turn Rwandan authorities deny supporting M23 rebels.

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