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Dozens protest against high energy prices during anti-govt rally in Dusseldorf – Market Subset News

Dozens gathered in Dusseldorf on Saturday to protest against the government’s energy policies.

Footage shows protesters holding banners reading ‘Stop price explosion’, ‘True democracy does not tolerate censorship’, ‘100 percent wrong politics for peace, energy + prosperity = 100 percent evil intentions’ among others while rallying in the city centre.

“We are witnessing energy prices exploding at the moment. That means there’s no more cheap gas from Russia and that will be a burden for years. That means, in the future you will pay tenfold for energy than we used to. And I don’t think we can do without gas permanently,” said one protester.

“What the traffic light [coalition] is doing, is much worse. Today we are not only talking about Corona and compulsory vaccination, which we are resisting against, but we are also talking about a completely misguided energy policy,” added another demonstrator.

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