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Police investigate arson attack on Spree Hotel planned to accommodate refugees in Bautzen – Market Subset News

Investigation is underway after fire emerged in Spree Hotel planned to accommodate refuges in Bautzen. Saxon Ministry of the Interior Affaires announced on Friday that accident happened due to arson attack.

Footage filmed on Saturday shows the hotel’s building damaged by fire with police cars guarding the territory.

According to the State Criminal Police Office, unknown perpetrators smashed the window panes of the planned refugee accommodation centre on early Friday morning and later fire emerged inside the building.

Four employees were reported to be inside the hotel at the moment of accident, but nobody was injured.

Earlier it was announced that since November the district of Bautzen decided to use the vacant hotel on the Bautzen reservoir as accommodation centre for up to 200 asylum seekers. It is currently unclear whether and when it will be possible to accommodate refugees as planned.

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