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Berlin committed to ‘establishing a joint platform’ for EU countries to purchase gas – govt spox – Market Subset News

Stephan Gabriel Haufe, German Press Officer for Climate Protection explained that the German government is ‘very strongly committed’ to creating a common platform for EU member states to purchase gas on the global market during a press conference in Berlin on Friday.

“On the European level we are very strongly committed to establishing a joint platform, a common platform on which the European countries act together when acquiring gas on the global gas market,” Haufe told journalists.

“Only this week, there has been a European energy council where this topic was discussed. It’s a proposal by the Commission, as you’ve mentioned, that is being discussed between the countries, but there is no corresponding decision yet,” he added.

Later in the conference, Government Spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit explained that the federal government is working hard to find solutions to Germany’s dependence on Russia for energy, so that the most vulnerable will be protected throughout the cold months ahead, and for winters to come.

“We are all working towards finding a solution together and implementing it. So that, as the Chancellor has said, we are getting well through this winter, as well as the next,” the spokesperson said.

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