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When they heard the victim screaming, the BAC Nord cops stepped in right away. The attacker is in an abnormal circumstance and was required to leave the area because he is already known to the authorities (OQTF). He was accused and put in jail.

The night of Friday to Saturday, a 30-year-old lady was raped in the middle of the street in Marseille’s 15th district. According to the Marseille prosecutor’s office, a team from the anti-crime brigade (BAC) North, alerted by the victim’s cries, promptly intervened and put an end to the latter’s horror.

The 32-year-old man, an Algerian national who was detained in flagrante delicto, was charged this past Sunday with “violence in meetings followed by incapacity not exceeding 8 days” and “rape aggravated by two circumstances, in this case committed in a state of obvious drunkenness and under the influence of narcotics.” He was kept in detention on remand.

According to our information, this attack happened about two in the morning in the Boulevard Lavoisier neighborhood. While on patrol, police heard a woman yelling, “Help! He is assaulting me! I’m going to pass away! “. To get closer, they exited their vehicle. According to the prosecution, “They noticed a male near a woman who was screaming, he forced her to the ground and perpetrated acts of sexual assault on her.” The attacker, who had used drugs and alcohol, was detained right away. According to a person familiar with the inquiry, “the victim displayed marks of brutality, especially on the wrists, as well as a coquard.”

The suspect was targeted by an OQTF

The woman informed the police that she had been raped before to their arrival during his hearing.

A judicial investigation was started on Sunday after the suspect was questioned on the grounds of the departmental security unit in charge of the probe. The prosecution continues, “The services of the Prefecture showed that the Respondent had been the subject, before his detention, of an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF) together with a ban on returning.” According to what we know, the police were previously familiar with this man.

It is clear that the victim and her assailant had already met that evening. According to the same source, “At this level of the investigations, it appears—without being able to tell whether or not they knew each other before—that the victim and the defendant met earlier in the evening in the center of Marseille.” They would have then left in the car alongside a number of other people before being dropped off at the scene of the attack in both cases under circumstances that are still unknown.

“Solutions must be found very quickly”

Rudy Manna, departmental secretary of the union, responds, “I congratulate the professionalism of my colleagues from BAC Nord who showed remarkable police sense to save the life of this victim or in any event to avoid an even more serious atrocity.” Alliance Nationale de Police des Bouches-du-Rhône. “People without documents or those under an OQTF are increasingly more likely to commit these violent or dangerous offenses. Rapid solutions must be sought “.

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