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How To Have The Best Wedding Hair Trial – Wedding of your Dreams

If you’re anything like me, having your hair done does wonders for your mood. Good hair equals instant great mood, and your hair trial should do this in spades! 

Many brides tell us the moment their hair is done on their wedding day, is the moment their look comes together and usually the tears come! 

So, what’s the secret to having the best wedding day hair? Choosing a fabulous hair stylist and working out all the details at your hair trial. 

To make sure you are excited for hair perfection on your wedding day, today we’ve got eight tips to make sure you have the best wedding hair trial. 

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1. Give yourself time

Aim to have your hair trial around three months before the wedding. If you book too early indecision could lead to you second guessing your final choice, too late and you may feel pressure to choose a look you’re not 100 percent happy with. 

2. Dress up 

What you wear to your trial can make or break how it goes – yes, really! We’re not suggesting a black-tie ballgown but it’ll be difficult to get the feel of the day if you wear your oldest leggings and t-shirt! It’ll be so much easier to envision how you’ll look on the day if you dress nicely in a shade similar to your wedding gown. 

3. Wear makeup 

Just like your clothing choices, wearing makeup will help you get a better feel for how your look will come together, so get the lips out. 

4. Wash your hair the day before

Any hairstylist I’ve ever met prefers to work with day old hair, it’s easier to manipulate and work into your preferred look. Obviously if you’re going for a simple blow-dry on the wedding day, sit back and let your stylist work their magic. 

5. Bring your accessories

If you have chosen your hair accessories, including veil, bring them. This also goes for any earrings or other accessories you’ll be wearing. Your hairstylist will be able to experiment with different looks to suit the accessories you have chosen. 

6. Take photos

Take photos of each hairstyle from different angles so you can make your decision wisely. You may want to decide later on what hairstyle to go with so photos to look back on are a great idea. 

7. Don’t forget the weather 

If you’re getting married during winter remember that the weather will play a part into how much maintenance your hairstyle might need during the day. Simple down styles might be what you really love but they don’t always mix well with wind and rain! 

8. Be honest

Always remember your hair trail is your opportunity to find the perfect look for your wedding day so speak up if there is something you don’t like. Your stylist will thank you for being guided on what you love and what you don’t. 

(Images: The Powder Rooms Girls)
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