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St. Louis School Shooter’s Motive Revealed In Handwritten Manifesto – Market Subset News

The 20-year-old St. Louis school shooter left behind a handwritten ‘manifesto’ before the deadly attack where two people were killed and seven others were injured, police said.

The shooter was identified as Orlando Harris.

The shooting took place Monday at the Central Visual and Performing Arts High School.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department interim Commissioner Michael Sack read part of the gunman’s manifesto during a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

“He wrote, ‘I don’t have any friends, I don’t have any family, I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’ve never had a social life. I’ve been an isolated loner my entire life. This was the perfect storm for a mass shooter,’” said Sack. “So, in reading this, we can see some of what’s going on inside his mind. He feels isolated, he feels alone, quite possibly angry and resentful of others who have what appears to him to be healthy relationships, and so a desire to lash out.”

Watch the press conference below.

“In addition to the rifle brought in, a large quantity of ammunition, he had seven magazines of ammunition on a chest brick that he wore. He also had an additional eight magazines of ammunition in a field bag that he had carried,” Sack said. “This doesn’t include the number of magazines that he left and dumped on the stairway in the corridors along the way. It appears he came into the building with more than 600 rounds of ammunition on his person.”

Investigators believe Harris’ rifle jammed, possibly saving lives.

According to reports, Harris also left a map of the school in his car along with a list of other school shooters and their death toll, indicating he wanted to be next on the list.

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