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Hen Parties in Ireland [Episode Twenty] – Wedding of your Dreams

In this episode, we’re answering all of your questions about hen parties in Ireland! We enlisted the help of expert, Shane McCrann from Elite Hen Parties to help us unpack everything you need to know.


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Who gets invited to the hen party?

Lou asked: Do you invite your mum, mum in law, fiancé’s sister?

Ina asked: Is it awkward to invite girls to the hen party if you’re only planning on inviting them to the wedding afters?

Shane advised to invite anybody you want to be around you to celebrate! The hen party is the first celebration of the wedding.

Older ladies will have fun, so invite them. Don’t worry if you’ve arranged some risky entertainment, they’ll have fun.

When it comes to the afters, it all depends on the type of wedding you’re having and the relationship you have with each guest. You will have more time to connect with your guests at the hen party than on the Big Day, so if you want to celebrate with them, invite them!


HOW to invite guests

Here’s everything you need to include in your hen party invitation:

  • WHAT the event is and WHO it’s for – eg Kelly’s hen party or Let’s celebrate Kelly’s upcoming wedding with a fun hen party.
  • DATE and TIME
  • LOCATION – include all locations and times, for guests who can’t come to the whole thing
  • SECRET – let guests know if this is going to be a surprise!
  • TRANSPORT – inform guests of any transport they need to arrange. 
  • MONEY – different sections of the party with the cost for each – you can’t say you’ll split the costs after everyone has RSVPed because the cost could be a determining factor for some.
  • What to BRING – be specific!
  • Extra CASH – money for drinks or dinner
  • RSVP date and method (including whether or not guests need to pay ahead of time)


Who pays for the hen party?

Amanda asked: Who pays for the hen?

Aisling asked: How much should the bride contribute to her own hen?

In short, the bride shouldn’t pay. It’ll be up to the bridesmaids and guests to split the costs.


Create hen party ideas

Shane’s advice is to use an agency! It’s their job to know the best hen party activities in Ireland and to plan the perfect event for you and your guests. They will create gorgeous packages, with your guest list, numbers, location and preferences in mind.


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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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