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Former President Donald Trump is considering choosing Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as his 2024 running mate, according to New York Times Magazine journalist Robert Draper.

During an interview on the Daily Beast’s “The New Abnormal” podcast, Draper claimed the “discussions have been ongoing for months” and alleged that “Trump has toyed with the idea of selecting Greene to join his ticket since February of this year.”

“It’s been discussed repeatedly,” he said, per the Daily Beast. “Now, to be fair, I mean, how many of these conversations has Trump had with other people?”


Draper said that Greene is being considered by Trump because she has been “unflaggingly loyal” to him throughout. “What is Trump concerned about most of all in a VP after the Mike Pence experience? Loyalty?” he added.

“He has every reason to expect that Greene would be by his side and would be his proximate warrior,” the journalist added.

Earlier this week, Greene told Draper that she’s discussed with Trump the possibility of serving as his running mate. She said she would be “honored” to serve, but added that the GOP establishment would not want it.

“I think the last person that the RNC or the national party wants is me as his running mate,” she told Draper.

Greene went viral last week on her Democratic opponent, Marcus Flowers, after he levied a slew of accusations against her during a fiery debate for the Georgia congressional race.

The exchange between Greene and Flowers began when the Democrat accused Greene of promoting conspiracy theories. When Greene demanded the opportunity to offer a rebuttal, the moderator joined with Flowers and tried to stop her from being able to respond.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

UNKNOWN: “You’re well-known for making controversial statements. Detail your process for vetting and fact-checking your statements that you make in public and post on social media.”


GREENE: “Can you tell me what’s controversial about defending the freedom of speech or what’s controversial about defending our border or saying we need to — can you tell me, give me an example?”

UNKNOWN: “No, you do this every time we have a debate where I ask a question that’s obvious and you’re like, ‘Do you mean…?’ You were kicked off of your committees for saying things that were controversial. You’ve apologized for controversial statements, right? Those types of things. What is your process for fact-checking and vetting the things that you say in public?”

GREENE: “I — the things I say in public are the truth and that’s why they’re so offensive to Democrat activists in the media just like you. And you’re asking me a blanket question with no example. I stand by the things that I say. I stand by saying that we need to secure our border, that we need to protect all of our freedoms and our rights, that we need to stop the America Last Democrat communist policies that are destroying our country. I stand by the words that I say. They’re just offensive to Washington D.C. and the swamp creatures there, because the words that I speak are the same as Americans back home, the same as people in Georgia’s 14th District, and the words that I speak are the truth. And you want to know something, Josh? Sometimes the truth hurts and Washington deserves to hear it. We’re over $31 trillion in debt. Our government has failed the American people. And right now, this administration has us on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia, where they care more about funding a war in Ukraine than they care about protecting Americans, helping homeless people on the streets, securing our border, and stopping fentanyl from killing young people in America.”


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