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Montana Libertarian, Democrat Having ‘Lovefest’ over Shared Leftist Values – Market Subset News

Montana Republican congressional candidate Ryan Zinke told Breitbart News Saturday that Montana Libertarian candidate John Lamb and the Montana Democrat Monica Tranel are having a “lovefest” over their shared leftist values.

Zinke, a former Montana congressman and secretary of the Interior, said Lamb is “not really a libertarian,” noting that Big Sky Country has a libertarian streak, in which their citizens do not often want to be micromanaged by Washington, DC. However, he cautioned that Lamb has many leftist values that appear to be more closely aligned Tranel, the Democrat seeking to take Montana’s first congressional district.

“But then you have a libertarian [Lamb] that believes in no border, I mean no border, doesn’t believe in the concept of a border,” Zinke said of Lamb.

Lamb, in a comment that many Democrats may approve of, said, “I think people should be able to move freely across the southern border. … There are too many federal laws restricting people going across the border.”

Zinke then spoke about how leftist Tranel is, saying, “This libertarian [Lamb] has a lovefest with Monica Tranel, which of all the candidates I ever ran she is the most liberal. She wants $133 trillion with a ‘T’ of new spending on top of our $31 trillion deficit. On the abortion issue, she is wide open, I mean moments before birth.”

Zinke’s interview with Breitbart News Saturday follows as Breitbart News reported that Lamb and Tranel are coordinating their efforts to spoil Zinke’s comeback campaign in the state’s newly created first congressional district.

A text that appeared to be from Big Sky Votes, a PAC that supports Tranel, shows that when a voter says that he or she does not plan to support Tranel, the PAC urges the voter to back Lamb.

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Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.

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