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Former ‘Deal or No Deal’ Models Slam Meghan Markle’s Claims of Being ‘Objectified’ on Gameshow – Market Subset News

Former Deal or No Deal briefcase models hit back against Meghan Markle’s claims of being “objectified” and treated like a “bimbo” on the gameshow.

Earlier this week, the pro-abortion “D-list celebrity” declared on her Archetypes podcast that she was treated like a “bimbo” and “objectified” while working as a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal, adding that she “didn’t like feeling forced to be all looks and little substance.”

Former Deal or No Deal model Patricia Kara reacted to Markle’s claims, telling Inside Edition that the Duchess of Sussex’s alleged experience sounds “not at all” familiar to her own experience on the gameshow.

“It’s unfortunate that she felt that way because in my experience, I have never, ever felt that way,” Kara said.

Kara also said that “there was no bra station” for padding, contrary to Markle’s claims on her podcast.

The former gameshow model also took to Twitter on Tuesday to react to Markle’s claims, writing, “Funny, I remember a group of hard-working, strong-minded, independent women that found great success in the entertainment industry and their personal/professional lives after [Deal or No Deal].”

Donna Feldman, another former Deal or No Deal model, echoed Kara’s sentiments, telling Hollywood Life that she was not “treated like a bimbo” at all.

“I have read Meghan’s comments about being treated like a ‘bimbo’ while working on Deal or No Deal, but I have to disagree with what is being said,” Feldman remarked. “During my time on the show, neither myself nor anybody else I worked with was ever treated as such, in my opinion.”

“However, it’s important to note that everyone has their own experience, and I can only speak from mine,” she added.

“Everybody knows what you’re signing up for when you’re hired as a ‘Briefcase Beauty,’” Feldman continued. “Being hired based off your looks comes with the territory and since Deal or No Deal was one of the biggest shows on NBC, if you’re pro-active with your career, then you make the most of it and grow your resume from there.”

“Although I’ve received numerous opportunities based off my looks, it’s my intellect, my personality, and strong work ethic that contribute to me getting hired on a regular basis,” Feldman affirmed.

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