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Are We Drunk Yet? – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS) – Episode 584

Episode #584 — Are We Drunk Yet? — This week on TWIS (@TWIScience), hosts Dr. Kiki (@drkiki), Blair Bazdarich (@blairsmenagerie) and Justin Jackson (@jacksonfly) discuss this week’s science news.

Dr. Kiki, Blair and Justin explore the world of science news with a few of the week’s popular stories:

(0:00) – Recording Start – and Dr. Kiki whispering “Quiet!”
(0:31) – Show Start, Title – Dr. Kiki.
(0:44) – Intro – Dr. Kiki.
(0:59) – Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! – Justin
(1:56) – Opening Theme Music.
(2:31) – Opening “Good Science!” Greetings with Dr. Kiki, Blair and Justin. Intros & Top Story Headlines.

(3:39) – Gaia mission & biggest map of Milky Way – Dr. Kiki,
(7:16) – Space storms could crash upper Midwest’s power grid – Dr. Kiki,
(13:07) – Unintended consequences of creating the world’s first semisynthetic organism – Dr. Kiki,
(18:00) – Oldest textile dyed indigo blue found – Justin,
(20:36) – High-tech cloth could make summer days a breeze – Justin,
(29:12) – Blair’s Animal Corner!
(29:27) – Blair’s Animal Corner Theme Music.
(29:49) – Genetic analysis uncovers four species of giraffe, not just one – Blair,
(40:15) – Invertabrate Sex! – Male chemistry primes females for reproduction—but at a cost – Blair,

(45:20) – And we’re at the break!
(45:44) – Half-Time Theme Music.

(46:33) – Dr. Kiki & TWIS was at the Portland, Ore. Mini Maker Faire at OMSI ( last weekend, live podcast interviews she made can be found here on our YouTube channel: ; and also on audio as Paul Colligan’s MakerFaire PDX 2016 Cast on iTunes: .

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(49:50) – Interstitial Music: George Hrab, “Skeptic,” from the album “Vitriol.” (

(50:50) – And we’re back from the break!

(50:55) – Virus Inside Us! – Viral Protein Boosts Muscle Mass in Male Mice – Dr. Kiki,
(56:37) – Pluto ‘paints’ its largest moon Charon red – Justin,
(59:11) – Moon’s pull can trigger big earthquakes – Dr. Kiki,
(1:04:47) – Pterosaurs weren’t all super-sized in the Late Cretaceous – Justin,
(1:09:03) – The Lemur! Dwarf lemur found able to sleep during hibernation – Blair,

(also – ;D )

(1:13:38) – How drunk are you? Science shows that drunk people don’t know how drunk they are – Dr. Kiki,
(1:20:03) – Show Wrap-up & Thank yous.
(1:23:54) – End Theme (with hand/chair dancing).

And that’s it! But as the late, great Steve Jobs used to say, There’s One More Thing…
(1:27:27) – The After Show!
In which Blair tells of her trip to L.A. Zoo conference and study data on how well zoos are doing in animal treatment and conservation (turns out: very well).

TWIS will also be Live! at the Maryland STEM Festival ( at the National Aquarium ( — Blair will be ecstatic!) in Baltimore, MD on November 4th.

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