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Republicans Get Fantastic News Weeks Before Midterms, Poll Shows Commanding Lead – Market Subset News


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The Republican Party has gotten more good news as it continues its plan to take back the House and Senate.

As the midterm elections approach, a Rasmussen poll discovered that the Republican lead on the generic ballot has gotten even bigger, Breitbart News reported.

Friday’s poll showed the generic Republican candidate is up seven points, with 48 percent of the likely U.S. voters to the generic Democrat candidate’s 41 percent, a three-point improvement for the GOP since last week.


The poll showed that 25 days before the election, only four percent said they would vote for another candidate, while another seven said they were still not sure.

Nevertheless, a seven-point lead on the generic ballot less than four weeks away from the election is a good sign for the Republicans, who are looking to net five seats, win back the majority, and unseat Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from her speakership. In fact, the Republicans have led the generic ballot all year.

A leading polling firm believes that Republican voters who have deeply withdrawn are going to be undercounted once more in the coming weeks ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm elections due to being demonized by leading Democrats and the media.

In the debut of The Daily Wire’s new weekly podcast, Election Wire, which will air every Sunday leading up to next month’s elections, Robert Cahaly, founder and senior strategist and pollster of Trafalgar group signaled “with the upcoming election around the corner many Republican voters would be underestimated after legacy media talking heads and establishment politicians declared MAGA Republicans ‘enemies of the state,’” the outlet reported.

“These submerged voters aren’t answering polls, they aren’t putting stickers on their cars, or signs in their yard — they’re not even posting on social media,” Cahaly told the podcast. “They are underwater. They’re not saying a word to anybody until election day.”

He went on to say that voters should basically ignore polling in the weeks leading up to the elections, especially after most polling firms failed to accurately predict the last three election cycles, pumping up Democrats and undercounting Republicans.

Cahaly said voters shouldn’t trust polls in the coming weeks, considering many pollsters failed to accurately predict the last three elections by highly favoring Democrats and undercounting Republicans.

“Polls have two purposes,” he said. “They’re either to reflect the electorate, or they’re to affect the electorate — and too many of these media and university-based polls are designed to affect the electorate and are trying to create a false narrative quite often when there’s not one.”

As Americans become more skeptical of polling due to false impressions and narratives pushed by the pollsters, Cahaly said they are looking at the likelihood of once again getting the upcoming election cycle wrong.

“And so now they’re having to get back to reality because they don’t mind at all being wrong, but they hate it when somebody is right,” he said.

The Daily Wire adds:

Next month, registered voters nationwide will line up at the polls to tip the political scale in one direction or another in several highly controversial races and issues. However, with several important critical elections in the House, Senate, and gubernatorial races, Democrat and Republican candidates and voters are both displaying optimism balance the power in Washington.

House Republicans have been boasting a red wave of confidence, believing they could take back the house if they can successfully secure five net seats to gain the majority.


One seasoned political hand — former President Bill Clinton — appeared to suggest something similar about Republicans in the weeks ahead of election day. In an interview last month with CNN host Fareed Zakaria, Clinton said Democrats could hang on to both the House and Senate but they have to be wary of how strong Republicans traditionally close races.

“We could hold both these houses,” the former president said. “But we have to say the right things. And we have to note the Republicans always close well. Why? Because they find some new way to scare the living daylights out of swing voters about something. That’s what they did in 2021 — where they made critical race theory sound worse than smallpox. And it wasn’t being taught in any public schools in America. But they didn’t care. They just scare people.”

He said that even though there have been changes since his last day as president, “the breakpoint in American politics is not much different,” as he believes that independent voters are the ones who decide elections.

“You still have to get those people,” the former president said. “It’s just that there’s so many fewer because as the parties have gone more ideological and clear, and somehow psychically intolerant, they pull more and more people toward the extremes. But there are still some people hanging on there who are really trying to think, and trying to understand what’s going on.”

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