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Chicago Man Clings to SUV amid Possible Auto Theft – Market Subset News

A man clung to the top of an SUV during a possible auto theft Friday in Chicago, according to a report.

Police responded to the 1100 block of West Thorndale after witnesses said a man tried to stop someone from taking his car, per CWB Chicago.

Dispatchers learned the man was on the hood or roof of the SUV that was speeding along the roadway and the outlet shared video footage posted online that appeared to show what happened.

In the clip, a man wearing a dark green jacket was seen on the car as it reversed, turned around, then came back the other way before screeching its tires in a nearby intersection.

It then sped away from the scene as the man clinging to the car appeared to have slipped to one side:

A witness, who said the man driving the car later jumped out and fled into the Thorndale Red Line station, took a picture of him and claimed he was wearing an ankle monitor:

I think [the man on top of the car] may have left his car running. He jumped right on the hood and started filming the suspect. The suspect backed up because myself and the car behind me were blocking him in. So the suspect backed up and went into the intersection and drove in circles trying to throw the owner off.

He didn’t come off, so the suspect got out just north of Thorndale on Broadway and started running. I didn’t see what happened after I snapped the pics of him running. Lots of witnesses, though.

Social media users expressed their opinions on the scene, one person writing, “Whatever is going on here it is never worth it to jump on a vehicle and hold on like that.”

“Chicago is a hell hole,” another commented.

According to a police spokesperson, the car, the man on the hood, and the person who ran into the station had vanished by the time they arrived at the scene.

Per the CWB Chicago article, a police report was not immediately filed regarding the alleged incident.

Meanwhile, rising violent crime in President Joe Biden’s (D) America is emerging as the deciding issue in the upcoming midterm elections.

“A Politico poll released Wednesday found that 77 percent of Americans believe violent crime is a significant problem in the country,” according to Breitbart News.

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